Social Housing Development

We believe developing quality social housing solves key housing demand issues across W.A. as well as providing a competitive investment option for our clients.

Decades of experience informs our unique perspective on social housing provision and funding, enabling success for all stakeholders.

Invest with Social & Yield Outcomes

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Prioritising People & Outcomes

W.A. Based Development, Financial & Realty Services

Buying & Selling

The decision to purchase an investment property can make a huge difference to financial outcomes. For us, this means research, openness and experience in the market are incredibly important. When you view properties we sell- you can be confident in knowing we have worked hard to locate investments that will move you forward.


It can be easy to be swayed by clever marketing or flashy ads- but in every purchase, it is the ‘numbers’ that count. That is where we shine, researching market timing, expenses, yield, economics, demographics and surrounding sales. Combine that with an analysis of your situation and you can be more confident of a deal that gets you closer to your goals.

Why Yield

When you work with us, you will notice a focus on yield. Why? Because that is your return, your income from the property compared with the cost. Yield can be controlled far more than capital growth- so basing forecasts off what you know can provide more accurate results.

Personal Income Tax Returns

Tes Jordan, our registered tax agent, is also licensed by the IPA, with over 15 years experience in the industry.

SMSF Statements & Returns

Wth over 19+ years of experience in the SMSF industry we are here to make the administration process as streamlined and easy as it can be for you as trustees.

Fixed & Transparent Fee Structure

No surprises. You will know the cost upfront and be aware of any ongoing fees that could be incurred.

Financial Planning

Financial advice from our experts. We look forward to meeting you.


Have you wondered if an SMSF was appropriate for you? Or if your Superannuation is appropriate for your needs? There are many decisions to make, and that is where the advice and guidance of WAI Financial Planning stands out from the crowd.


We help create your personalised protection package while we will also help find an appropriate policy to suit your current situation. If you need to make a claim, we help you with that process also.

Tax returns

Efficient filing and ongoing service for your personal income tax return.

SMSF Management

Experts in SMSF establishment, statements and tax returns.

Real Time Information

With our latest technology, you can view real time financial information on your accounts.

Get expert tax advice and start saving.

WAI Accounting Services, a registered tax agent, provides a range of taxation services specialising in SMSF, with over 19+ years of experience in the SMSF industry. We are here to make the administration process as streamlined and easy as it can be for you as trustees.

Speak with professionals in Financial Planning, Taxation & Realty

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work with you to make sure your goals are reached sooner.

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