Paul believes everyone should have access to ways of building a better future. Sure, the WAI Group business sits in the wealth creation space, but the question is: how is wealth defined? For many, wealth is the accumulation of money and associated assets. Paul takes a broader view, understanding wealth to be a full life picture. Wealth for Paul is also about knowledge, an abundance of knowledge. To create wealth you need to know what to do, and how to do it. It's this knowledge that becomes the cornerstone, a key asset, to wealth creation. Understanding wealth like this means money is seen for what it is, the end result of how knowledge has created wealth.

When you meet Paul, you’ll get a strong sense that his version of the world is collaborative, not combative. You see, Paul believes we can be better together, that it‘s an upward spiral. This belief led Paul to create a business that provides complementary services to its core services around wealth and investment. So, as you deal with WAI Group you’ll find an abundance of complementary services including lawyers, conveyancers, accountants, stockbrokers, and finance brokers.

Our WAI Group senior team is made up of:

  • Paul Stanley: Director
  • Julie Harold: Director + Licensee
  • Nish Puri: SMSF Specialist Advisor + Insurance Specialist
  • Tes Jordan: Director SMSF Accounting
  • Courtney Ryan: Property Specialist
  • Steven Apostolou: Licensed Financial Advisor
  • Alex Tiede: Property Specialist
  • Tim Bredl: Property Consultant
  • Fabian Hyland: Property Consultant

We invite you to read through the coming pages where we detail each of our core team members. It gives you a great sense of who we are, so when we meet you’ll feel comfortable with us.

Paul Stanley: Director

Unassuming and accepting in manner, Paul lives and breathes his role as Director of WAI Group. Paul moved to Perth in 2005 from Victoria, loving the lifestyle and opportunities of Western Australia. His vision was to set up an advisory business not of the traditional type. So, in 2008, WAI Group was founded and three key attributes were brought to life:

  • Enable stellar decisions through robust research
  • Offer a team of highly refined and qualified specialists in their field
  • Do it well: no cowboys thank you!  Be well regulated.

Paul’s focus is pragmatic, real advice grounded in good research. No crystal balls here. Paul has implemented strong governance across the business, where WAI Group delivers above the pack when it comes to qualifications and experience. Paul is our ideas man, he’s Mr Fixit and consequently has his finger on the pulse.

Paul has devoted his professional career to running private and unlisted public Australia companies. His background in the financial services industry combined with the property sector leads him to always provide the best solution for each person, understanding we are all individuals seeking personalized choices.

Some of Pauls’ pearls of wisdom to help you are:

  • It’s currently a great time to invest in WA. It’s a buyers market
  • There are huge traps for young players with investing
  • Make sure you are advised by experts
  • Get yourself a good advisor
  • Do your homework
  • If your decision is not an informed one, you’re on dangerous ground.

Julie Harold: Director + Licensee

Vibrant, inspired and real are three words that spring to mind describing Julie Harold. Julie joined Paul and the WAI Group team in June 2014 having worked with Paul previously for three years in real estate. Not doing things by halves, Julie jumped straight into studying for her Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) across 2014-2015 and is proud to say she is now a fully-fledged licensee. You’ll find Julie managing the process getting clients from sale to settlement and beyond. Ensuring the business is compliant with the many laws and regulations governing the real estate industry, Julie also liaises with developers, builders, vendors, finance brokers, conveyancers, solicitors, accountants and you, the purchaser, to ensure a smooth transaction.

Julie is a demonstration of Paul’s client-focused approach to business. She finds her role challenging, satisfying and fast-paced. She even says:

“Since starting in the industry, I have not looked back. I love it! No day is the same. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

For Julie, part of her love for the role is the constant learning, where learning comes in many forms. It could be helping a client transform from little knowledge and few retirement plans to being completely at ease a few months later with their decisions, secure in the knowledge their financial needs are well looked after. Or it could be the ongoing professional learning required of her licensee status. Whatever aspect of the role it is, Julie lives and breathes the WAI Group belief in Abundance.

Nish Puri: SMSF Specialist Adviser + Insurance Specialist

Nish joined WAI Group in September 2014, bringing nine years of industry experience. Nish is someone who sits next to you, not opposite you, as you work together. Standout sentiments that capture Nish’s personality are: helpful, doing it right, and empowerment. Nish will help you, providing advice on a range of products including Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), life insurance products, debentures, stocks or bonds issued by a government, and deposit and payment products.

When you sit with Nish, you’ll get a sense of his passion and enthusiasm for the business and what it offers you. Nish is about doing things the right way, no shortcuts. He feels great showing you ways to craft a better retirement, watching as your understanding grows. This is what empowerment means to Nish. It’s about you gaining control of your financial future.

Nish holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Banking and Finance), a Diploma in Financial Services, is licensed through The Financial Link Group, and is a SMSF accredited specialist adviser and risk specialist. You’ll find Nish and WAI Group will only recommend a product or strategy after fully considering its suitability for your individual situation and needs. When you speak with Nish, ask him about sport, he’s a fanatic: Eagles, Chelsea, EPL, and oh yes, the Wildcats.

Tes Jordan: Director SMSF Accounting

Tes moved to Perth in 2014 from Sydney after falling in love with the beaches & lifestyle WA has to offer.

Tes has a passion for all things SMSF. She enjoys assisting clients manage their SMSF’s right from the word go. From setting up the SMSF, ensuring the annual compliance work is all in order & providing guidance on any technical matters that may arise. She makes all things SMSF a positive and smooth experience! With SMSF’S being highly regulated it is invaluable knowledge, bringing a level of comfort knowing your SMSF is in good hands.

With a background of 15+ years in the SMSF accounting space she joined WAI Group, highly impressed with the team:

“It is evident that we all share the same end goal committed to the clients’ needs by helping them reach their retirement goals and securing their financial future”

Tes holds a Diploma in Financial Planning & Superannuation Services and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

Courtney Ryan: Property Specialist

Courtney joined WAI Group, bringing years of property and technology experience to the team. Courtney has a passion for helping people grow their wealth, and ensuring success in retirement. He does not mind where people come from, but is committed to ensuring you reach your desired destination.

Before joining the WAI Group team, he had owned and operated a number of successful businesses across a variety of fields, and has personally built a sizeable property portfolio with outcomes to suit his growing family. You may have heard him on the radio, or even seen him at one of the many group events he presides over.

Courtney holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from UWA, and is a licensed real estate representative. He loves to engage with continual learning and you can often find him with his nose buried in the latest property report, or market updates for Australian investment industries.

Steven Apostolou: Licensed Financial Advisor

Steven has a stock broking and investment background. This has built a sound technical knowledge base.

He works closely with clients to help establish your goals and visions. Using his experience Steven will help to build in depth holistic strategies to enable clients to fulfil those goals. Ultimately the aim is to provide the maximum financial backing to enable clients the best retirement.

Steven has a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance, Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and has completed the Specialist SMSF course.

Steven is an avid Hawthorn supporter and if time allows he loves creating natural wood furniture and a spot of fishing.


Alex Tiede: Property Specialist

Alex joins WAI Group bringing with him nine years of industry experience. He is driven by a passion for truly helping people and making a difference, it is all about the client getting the best possible outcome. Alex specialises in assisting clients with investing into top quality properties and guiding them through what can be a difficult and confusing journey so they end up with the best possible results.

Meeting with Alex, you’ll soon see that he genuinely cares and is there to help you succeed. Alex will take the time and work with you to make sure you understand the ‘why’ behind investment decisions, not just telling you the ‘what’.

Alex holds a Diploma in Property Services, a Property Sales Registration and is currently completing his MBA.

He is very active and when not with clients he is often making the most of the WA coastline south of Perth.

Fabian Hyland

Fabian brings a wealth of experience from a varied background to WAI Group. As a professional across many industries, he understands the individual needs and concerns that face clients in todays financial climate. 

Immediately you will see the passion and enthusiasm Fabian has for getting people "on track". The old adage, “knowledge is power”, is fundamental not only to how he does business, but core to how he lives his life. His ultimate goal of enabling clients to make informed decisions through education exemplifies exactly that. 

Fabian holds a bachelor of science and a certificate IV in property services.

When not with clients he likes to make the most of what WA’s unique environment has to offer.


Tim Bredl

Timothy moved to Perth for the opportunity and lifestyle WA provides. Bringing years of industry experience to WAI Group, Timothy is an investment consultant specialist that looks to inform and educate. 

His ability to break down a clients current situation to highlight and explain potential efficiencies is unparalleled. Not only motivated, but a motivator for stellar outcomes based on sound research and experience, he drives excellence for our team and clients alike. 

Timothy has a bachelor of science with a double major and a cert IV in property services.

When not providing a service for clients you will find Timothy enjoying the great outdoors.