At WAI Group, we want to share our abundance of knowledge so EVERYONE can have an abundance of wealth and freedom. For us, Abundance is ‘doing what you need to do, when you need to do it’. So, through both what we do and what we believe, our focus is to empower your life so you do just that: do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Our purpose is to understand how you see your future, how you dream it could be. From here we can start on the journey of creating it with you.

Abundance is also a practice, a way of doing things in our business. It’s a daily occurrence. It means sharing our knowledge (we’re not selfish with what we know). It means we make our time available (we’ll come to you and work around your life). And it means we bundle our experience, skills and expertise together to benefit you (because it’s about getting it right for you). When it’s not right for you, it’s not right for us. We get that.


At WAI Group, research is knowledge that informs action. Without it, we might as well be throwing darts at a wall. That’s extremely dangerous to us: it’s also unprofessional and, well, probably unethical. Given the significance of what’s at play (your future), we treat the process of informing you about choices very seriously. For us, the purpose of research is the expansion of knowledge, a widening of view. The results of this widening of view are better and more informed decisions for you.

ASPIRE: The best property research platform.

Man, user of tools – so the saying goes. Aspire is one such tool. It enables powerful, well researched, informed decision making around property investment. Established in 2011 and with their head office in Melbourne, Aspire is an independent web-based portal providing systematic ways to locate, research and analyse the viability of a property by determining whether it meets your objectives. We’re extremely proud to say WAI Group is WA’s only provider of Aspire.

As an accredited user, WAI GROUP is held to a strict code of ethics by the Aspire Network. We adhere to a proven system to ensure we are compliant with professional standards.


At WAI Group, our belief in Abundance led us to bring together five divergent services under one roof. By working together and overlapping our expertise, our cumulative knowledge delivers you an abundance of benefits in accounting, financial planning, property advice and insurances.

If you’re in our office any weekday, you’ll regularly find the team discussing a wide range of investment opportunities. It’s a pretty common occurrence to hear them debating the numbers, where our focus is to make sure the numbers stack up. If they don’t, we won’t recommend it.

Together, our WAI Group focus is to deliver a one-stop shop. We get that it’s an overused phrase, but to us, it’s one of our many WAI Group guiding principles. As many of the companies and services are interrelated, please refer to our privacy policy and disclaimers in the website footer below.