At WAI Group, we pride ourselves on giving advice for the betterment of our clients. That includes making sure our clients have the most suitable personal protection behind them, just in case anything unforeseen happens that could affect their finances and their family’s wellbeing.

More specifically, at WAI Group, you’ll find help with:

  • Life cover – if the worst happens, we’ll help make sure your family can keep the assets you’ve worked hard for and make sure the kids are taken care of, easing the stress of this highly emotional event.
  • TPD cover (total, and permanent disability) – if you cannot work for the rest of your life, this lump sum can help address the things your income would usually handle, helping the family maintain a level of lifestyle and keep the financial stresses at a minimum.
  • Income Protection – a monthly income designed to replace your lost income if an accident or illness stops you from working for an extended period of time.
  • Trauma cover – a lump sum to help pay for medical costs and possibly your debts if you get diagnosed with a specified medical illness.
  • Business insurance (Key Person, Buy/Sell insurance) – for those who run their own business, there are protection policies we can assist with.

Not only will we help assess your family’s needs if any of the above was required, to finally create your personalised protection package while we will also help find the most suitable policies in market to suit your current situation. More importantly, in the unfortunate event of you having to make a claim, we will go out of our way to help make sure the benefits are paid, as some of our clients can attest to, as seen by our testimonials. We welcome you to click here and send us a request to meet. We’ll catch up for a no-obligation conversation to learn more about you can protect your family and yourself.


Steve and I contacted WAI group in 2014 looking for Self Managed Superannuation Fund advice. The WAI Group team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient in the process. Nish, our adviser, assisted in putting in place a comprehensive protection package which helped us a lot.

6 months later, I was diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented me from working for over 2 years. The situation was stressful and highly emotional. With Nish’s help, we claimed on the insurance he put in place for us and, without any hassle, I was paid a monthly income to help with the family’s expenses and debt repayments. I was able to concentrate on getting better while I knew my finances were totally in order. I am so thankful for the advice WAI Group provided. It has given me total peace of mind.

- Janet & Steven Webster, Rivervale

Terri and I first approached WAI Group in August 2015 to help with a setup of our SMSF and to review our insurances. Our Financial Adviser there assisted with the entire setup and helped a lot in getting together a comprehensive protection package, which we hoped we wouldn’t use for a long time as we were so young.

Just before my 37th birthday , I was diagnosed with a cancer that doesn’t run in my family. I was the only one working which meant our income would have stopped, if it wasn’t for the insurance Nish put in place for us. With Nish’s help, we claimed on my policies and with little hassle, I was paid a lump sum to help clear my mortgage as well as a monthly income to help with the family’s expenses. I’m now back at work, but the time I took off to get better was made much easier and stress-free with the help I knew I had behind me.

- James Thorley & Terri Klause - Darling Downs