Hello & welcome to the WAI Group! 

If you’ve arrived here, you’re working on a Citic site & wanting to find out more about who we are, what we stand for, and of course, the exclusive offer we are presenting to Citic site employees:

$2500 in FREE financial services!*
- FREE first years personal tax return
- FREE consolidation of super
- FREE financial planning statement of advice

We are a fully licensed accounting and financial advisory firm that specialises in all aspects- from tax minimisation, mortgage reduction and superannuation through to retirement strategies. A “one-stop shop” to help you make the most your time in the Pilbara. Get your money working as hard as you do!

There are 3 important steps to setting up for retirement

1.    Having a solid financial foundation

This covers off on reducing consumer debt, having the best home loan rate and looking at ways to be more financially efficient.

2.    Getting your personal finances on track

Reducing the amount of tax you pay and using your tax to create more for your future. It just makes sense.

3.    Superannuation & planning for the future

Ensuring your superannuation is consolidated could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary fees. This along with being in the appropriate fund is important to reach your goals. We also look to address personal insurance and explore ways you could take control of your superannuation whilst minimising risk.

All this provides greater security for you and your family's future.

How can we help you?

A meeting with one of our expert consultants allows us to identify your current position and future goals. For most of us there is a shortfall between what we have, and what we would like to have for our future. Using factual information, we look at a range of options that may be available for you to potentially bridge that gap. Naturally, it depends on your personal situation, however whether it be as simple as a free refinance, saving you up to thousands of dollars per year, or a retirement plan that maximises the value of your time in the Pilbara, we have your covered.


Want to talk more? There's no obligation.

About WAI Group

  • Paul Stanley
  • Julie Harold
    Director + Licensee
  • Tes Jordan
    Director SMSF
  • Tim Bredl
    Senior Consultant
  • Fabian Hyland
    Senior Consultant
  • Robert Howell
    SMSF Specialist
  • Nish Puri
    SMSF Specialist
  • Courtney Ryan
    Property Specialist
  • Alex Tiede
    Property Specialist

At WAI Group we're about the future. In fact, you could say the idea pre-occupies us in pretty much everything we do. Not only do we connect investors with assets that help build their future- we look after our clients over the long term, with tailored, ongoing SMSF, accounting, investment and property advice. 

Our goal is to ensure our clients grow their wealth and retirement funds.

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