The ability to make free and informed individual decisions is a way of life in Australia. It’s logical then to have choices when it comes to investing. Our role at WAI Group is to assist you by providing 360-degree advice and guidance when developing an investment strategy tailored to your investment risk profile.

With WAI Group, we have a range of investment choices:

  • Property, shares, cash & collectibles
  • Investing in or outside of super
  • Managing investment risk through research, strategy and reviews

The first step is to meet with your or our financial planning team to discuss your financial position, goals and ambitions. From this will be created a statement of advice (SOA) specific to your circumstances and profile. Included in this process is determining the best structures to help you achieve your financial ambitions, as well as the option of a self managed super fund (SMSF).

While we’re discussing SMSFs, here are ten typical reasons why people set them up:

  1. To include the family
  2. To take control over your retirement destiny
  3. To achieve greater choice for retirement investment decisions
  4. The ability to transfer current investment assets into an SMSF
  5. The ability to buy property and lease it back on commercial terms
  6. To leverage super through gearing (e.g. instalment warrant/s)
  7. To achieve specific estate planning needs
  8. To have greater flexibility in how and when you take benefits in retirement
  9. To have greater control of the tax management on your fund investments
  10. To run reserving strategies as part of an intergenerational wealth transfer.

We welcome you to contact us with questions, queries or scenarios for investment strategies, statement of advice or SMSF, and look forward to meeting you to discuss.