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Bellmont Securities

Our Securities Investment Partner

Founded in 2006, Bellmont Securities is a boutique Australian portfolio manager and broker, offering research-driven share portfolios to individuals and financial intermediaries. Conservative, yet innovative, we don’t attempt to ‘time’ the market, but instead seek to grow our clients’ wealth through the patient and disciplined application of our investment strategies.

Bellmont manages Australian share portfolios for Individuals, Self Managed Super Funds and Financial Intermediaries. Our unique approach draws heavily on academic research to create conservative, systematic strategies designed to outperform the market over the long term, while actively minimising risk. Our tax aware strategies and efficient holding structure ensure our investors keep more of every dollar they earn.

Bellmont have developed bespoke models tailored specifically for clients of WAI Group to suit their desired risk profile, inside their SMSF or in any other structure. Speak to a Bellmont team member today to learn more.

To view some of our model portfolios, click the link below:

Bellmont Securities Model Portfolios