Aspire Property Network is an Australian owned, Melbourne-based online property research platform that enables powerful, informed and tailored choices for property investing. As an independent web-based portal, Aspire delivers systematic ways to locate, research and analyse the viability of a property to determine whether it meets your investment objectives.

Established in 2011 and with a head office in Melbourne, the Aspire Property Network is an industry-leading network of qualified and experienced advisors who provide unbiased investment advice regarding property. Aspire has established relationships with a network of 80+ builders and developers Australia-wide, delivering on average 700 properties to choose from at any one time. This kind of depth of offering allows WAI Group full scope to tailor investment solutions that are closely aligned with your investment needs.

We’re extremely proud to be chosen as WA’s only provider of Aspire. We are accredited users, and as such, are held to a strict code of ethics by the Aspire Network. WAI Group endorses and adheres to a proven system that ensures we are compliant, delivering professional standards to you, our client. A summary of benefits when you work with an accredited Aspire advisor include:

  • Insured, qualified and licensed advisors
  • Tailored investment strategies –they understand everyone has unique needs
  • Access to a comprehensive nationwide range of researched property options
  • Third party due diligence on vendors and approved properties.